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La freccia, 1993-1995

198 × 468 × 167 cm
Edition of 2 + 1 artist proof
AP 687a
CAT. 922


Photo: Archivio Arnaldo Pomodoro - Paris, UNESCO

From 1993 to 1995 my efforts in sculptural research and invention centered on the realization of this work which appears to resemble a solidified curve, lying on the ground, like a reclining figure, with arched back. The specific “deformation” brought about by art here occurs when the “arrow” divides into two parts, thrusting outward and forming a kind of aperture.
The work conceives of itself as an “arrow” that launches forward to indicate the UNESCO building: it’s a sign and symbol of this place where people work together in defense of the values of human life and thought.
I’m extremely happy to be represented by this work, close to sculptures by extraordinary artists such as Calder and Moore, who were my teachers. My own version of “abstract expressionism” here moves out into large dimensions and consists, as in all my works, of elements in positive and negative relief within an energetic structure that dynamically intervenes in the circumambient environment.
Arnaldo Pomodoro