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The Pietrarubbia Group: il fondamento, l'uso, il rapporto, 1975-1976

bronze, iron, fiberglass and marble
280 × 530 × 360 cm
Edition of 2 + 1 artist proof
AP 376
CAT. 584

Photo: Carlo Orsi

"In the early 1970s, on the advice of some Pesaro friends, I visited Pietrarubbia, a small town in Montefeltro between the Marche and Romagna, which had been built, according to legend, in 980. At that time the village was almost completely abandoned. I realized that somehow it had to be born again: and how, if not through the participation of artists? I had to kick it off. So, I had the idea of dedicating one of my works to Pietrarubbia and I planned a series of sculptures as a cycle. The Pietrarubbia Group was born, a work “in progress”, a space defined by a series of sculptures – in fact, a space that became all sculpture – in which certain values are given meaning, certain historical values, in the sense that history is always the same… In short, I would like that anyone who sees this work could read within it the very spirit that comes from the Middle Ages: the gate that rises, the drawbridge, the foundation, the gate that opens and closes and can also be seen as a negative and positive book… I only completed the work in 2015 because I was sort of blocked and couldn’t manage to face my last subject: one part dedicated to pain and death, another to love and hope. I chose and wrote on it a verse from Montale’s Mottetti: “You know I have lose you again and I can’t”. For the first time, in the Pietrarubbia work I denied the gold and painted it black: it is very leaden-looking with a rust-coloured patina because of the use of iron; whilst the positive/negative element, the two faces that “lose each other”, is instead gold."
Arnaldo Pomodoro